Gearing up to provide:
for riders and their families when injured in a motorcycle accident in Arizona


Through thick or thin, we will be strong for you and your family and at your weakness we will be stronger.  We have so much love to give and not afraid to show it. 


Sometimes we just need someone to be there, not always to fix anything in particular but to show support and care during your hard times.

Financial Assistance

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. There will always be a possible solution in helping you financially. Its the little things that need caring for at times like these. 

We are a 501c3 with the State of Arizona

We are an all volunteer organization and no-one receives any compensation except for the satisfaction of helping our survivors.



Why become a sponsor.

We are always seeking sponsorship, large or small – every cent counts – we have a lot to do and offer and with your help you can make a difference to so many lives and to many people that enjoy riding in our awesome state of Arizona.

Some of our supporters and Partners

We would like to thank everyone that has supported Down N Durdy

2018 Arizona Crash Facts Summary

Crash Facts for the State of Arizona. Prepared by: The Arizona Department of Transportation Transportation Systems Management and Operations. 

Publication Date: June 1, 2018

Motorcycle Crashes - 2,738
Fatal Crashes - 150
Injury Crashes - 2,110

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