About Down N Durdy

We’re an Arizona 501c(3)


Our story so far….

It all started with a group of guys, a love for family, and a passion for riding. Many of us have been impacted by a motorcycle accident.

And for this reason we want to help. We realize that even after the stays in the hospital, the broken bones and physical therapy, there are more needs than meet the eye.

Together, we want to welcome you into our community and lend a helping hand.

Is to provide love, support, and financial assistance to riders and their families when they are injured in a motorcycle accident.

Meet the Board

President / Co-Founder

Chris "Skippy" Noll

President / Co-Founder
Vice President

Heath "Ironman" Derosier

Vice President
Sergeant at Arms

Dan "Carpethead" Smith

Sergeant at Arms
Secretary / Co-Founder

Roy "Florida" Katner

Secretary / Co-Founder

Brian "Brain" Howland



Our lives changed forever.

Not only did Down-n-Durdy help with getting some bills paid, we’ve made friends for life. We will love and support this organization for the rest of our lives; Helping those who feel helpless after an accident.


They are truly riders helping riders!

I was hit by a car in early March. An uninsured, unlicensed driver came into my lane illegally and hit me on my left side. The wreck did thousands of dollars in damage to my brand new bike, and injured my leg as well. Although I was very thankful that it wasn’t as bad as it easily could have been, I still watched the medical bills and repair bills mount. I had been aware of Down N Durdy for some time, they had helped friends of mine in the past. One of their members talked to me about the accident and encouraged me to apply on their website.

Down N Durdy was extremely quick to respond! I shared some of my bills related to the wreck and they came through for me big time. I can’t say enough about what a great organization Down N Durdy is.

Thank you Down N Durdy!!

Jonny Knight

This is an amazing orginization and there is a great need for what they do.

When my son in law was in an accident down-n-durdy came through for our family, not only did they help financially but made us all feel like old friends.

It’s great to know there are people dedicated to helping riders and their families when they need it most.


I am grateful to Skippy and Down N Durdy.

My husband was killed while riding his motorcycle in September 2019. The group was supportive from the beginning. Skippy provided emotional support, above and beyond the call of duty. They helped me financially and even had someone come to my house to work on my bike. I had to move another motorcycle, as well as some items, to a storage unit. The bike was moved to my house by a few members, along with Skippy.

Skippy was kind and supportive, often talking to me in length, on the phone and in person. The group is amazing, and I was blessed that they were around at a devastating loss like I experienced.

Thank you to all of you at Down N Durdy and for helping bikers.


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